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With Integrity as one of its core corporate values, Unizyx holding company and its subsidiaries strongly observe this principle to abide legislations and business ethics. We believe that good corporate governance allows us to have a firm foundation for growth and to offer all stakeholders with the best interest. As a responsible corporate citizen, it is our obligation to serve the community and the people relying on us. We have an internal audit office and supervisors to ensure proper reporting and adequate internal controls. In addition, Compensation Committee was also established. Other measures to safeguard shareholders' interests include the Company's effective board of directors and the prompt disclosure of relevant information to shareholders.

In terms of financial operations, Unizyx has an auditing unit to ensure adequate reporting and internal controls. In addition to all measures towards safeguarding shareholders' interests, we disclose transparent and relevant information to stakeholders and investors in a timely manner. Unizyx reveals its financial status information such as annual reports and financial reports on the company Web site. Concerned parties are always assigned an official spokesperson to respond to queries and issues. For more Information about Unizyx's corporate governance and financial information, please visit the "Investor Relations" on Unizyx Global Website.