Swiffy output

For years, Unizyx and its subsidiaries have taken care of disadvantaged people in its area by offering children and senior citizens necessary resources, nursery access and financial assistance.

Ignite the information fire

As an Internet communications company, our volunteers purchased and delivered a batch of new computers, and set up a lab for the students who live in the mountains of Hsinchu County to surf the Net and express themselves.

Establishment of Morning Sun Lyceum

Our volunteers raised money to build the "Morning Sun Lyceum" through community fairs and garage sales. The facility helps intellectually challenged children to enjoy the respect and support others do, and educates them to take care of themselves in the future. Field trips are regularly organized for these children, to keep them in touch with society and natural environments.


Care for Disadvantaged Children

Unizyx periodically organizes donation events for the fund needed to provide children from aboriginal and financially challenged families with free meals. The fund is also shared with charity organizations and Family Support Centers.

Care for Solitary Senior Citizens

We offer donations and condolences to senior citizens ; we also provide funds and organize events at nursing homes housing.

Emergency Assistance

Support of school children after the Aere Typhoon, donations to refugees in the Southeast Asia Tsunami and Sichuan earthquake, among others, are all examples of opportunities where ZyXEL employees offered their sympathy and substantial help to unfortunate people.

We donate to many charities and works with government agencies to support natural wildlife preservation, green environment and resource recycling activities to attract more public participation and to contribute its fair share as a responsible corporate citizen.

Your Waste, My Gold

Unizyx perpetually benefits both the environment and its own operations with ever-improving manufacturing and recycling processes. All waste materials are meticulously separated, categorized and reported according to government regulations and all the work of the waste processing, service providers is under stringent supervision.

Battery Recycling

Starting in 2009, all depleted batteries are collected and recycled in line with the "lifecycle management guidelines for dry batteries" proposed by the Hsinchu County's Department of Environmental Protection. Many batteries were recycled properly thanks to this movement.

Regular Motorcycle Check

Since 2008, in order to reduce air pollution caused by commuters on motorcycles, we have worked with the Department of Environmental Protection of Hsinchu County to perform periodical exhaust checks on these vehicles, with the inspected motorcycles showing a pass rate of over 95.

Month of Working Safety and Environmental Care

Since 2006, we have participated in events organized by the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park in Taiwan, that sponsor positive activities such as resource recycling and exchange, health promotion and ecological tours.


Unizyx Park

The establishment of "Unizyx Park" - a 5140 square meter green space that provides employees with a peaceful and natural place to take a break and relax. The versatile planting not only offsets its CO2 emission but also promotes biological diversity to meet the requirement of Convention on Biological Diversity.


Power for Change: Plant a Green Seed Program:

Unizyx started the “Power for Change” Program in 2012 to initiate a series of environmental awareness programs on social media in hope to bring its colleagues and their family members awareness of land and environment care. Started with the “Green Market”, activities such as tree planting, lights out for one hour on the Earth Day, bring house plants to the office, campus horticulture tour, experiencing rice field cultivation and personal “adoption” of rice fields were organized and introduced.

The Green Market

Unizyx colleagues introduce healthy produce from their homes through cooking, tasting and purchasing activities; our colleagues and their families also visited local farmers and their fields to learn more about caring the land and environment from who create the real food and real value.

The Million Trees Project

Attends the International Million Trees Project sponsored by the HIMA Foundation launching tree-planting events in 100 cities to address the global warming issue. First of all, trees were planted in Badsikan, Yunlin County to bring affected constantly by drying coast vegetation and strong winds from the sea, employees at MitraStar collectively donated to sponsor the program for creating the largest eco park in Asia. In 2013, employees and their families planted countless trees in the Sanying regain of New Taipei City to bring environmental awareness to the next-generation family members and to promote the ecology benefits of the city’s Sunny Forest Park.

The Earth Day event

To promote Earth Day and World Environment Day events, a series of environmental awareness programs including beach cleaning, electronic product recycling, green DIY events and used books sharing were launched.