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CSR Commitment

As a member of the global village, we are committed to fulfill our responsibility to society and the environment, as well as to supporting the best interest of its stakeholders. Moreover, we respect the value of the community not only by supporting the neighborhood in addressing pollution and energy issues, but also by encouraging similar commitment by its suppliers and employees, all with the goal of fulfilling our role as responsible corporate citizens.

We are continuously aware of the Global Compact bought forth by the United Nations in the World Economic Forum and promise to observe its ten principles. In addition, we also observe the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises upheld by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that regulates enterprises by their respective governments. Our business practices always commit to the applicable laws and ethic standards for perpetual success and prosperity.

With a permanent commitment to responsibilities in mind, we promise to:




Meet all of legal requirements and business ethics




Enhance shareholder value and conduct company finance and revenue status fairly



Encourage the diversity and energy of our employee pool

Provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment and promote employee health and well-being



Work with communities to improve a better life through education, economics and social well-being activities.



Conduct production and business with green policies



Continue to develop environment-friendly, energy-efficient products


Directly headed by Dr. Shun-I Chu, the Chairman of Unizyx, the Unizyx Corporate Responsibility Committee is operated by members from companies and departements within the Group. Backed by an effective organization and full support from the top executives, the Committee implements the related projects with participation from employees of all levels. 

The Committee calls for meetings every three months to review the progress of projects for possible improvements as well.