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The Unizyx Group offers telecom operators, corporates and home users with products and services through the Zyxel brand and MitraStar DMS services. In collaboration with customers, suppliers and all partners, Unizyx strives to stay ahead of the digital wave with its advanced, reliable broadband connectivity products and solutions.

To satisfy every demand from consumer devices to remote central office equipment, wired to wireless, home to cloud applications, we at Unizyx created a solid foundation with next-generation network technologies built into every new product for customers to design their own integrated applications. The efforts also allows the Unizyx Group to have a cross-the-board understanding on the global market and to create a more comprehensive range of solutions that empowers users to enjoy the best contemporary, smart networking experience.

We share the same values with our customers, and we are eager to satisfy them as well. Backed by our experienced teams, outstanding products and exceptional customer services, we are confident about every promise with our name on it.

For more details of products and services, please visit the Zyxel or MitraStar Web sites.


Zyxel Communications

dedicates to developing comprehensive, reliable solutions that accelerate and satisfy the advent of next-generation fixed and mobile broadband technology to help operators to open up more opportunities with truly converged services.

Zyxel Networks

focuses on the development of networking solutions for business applications. To combine the popularity of cloud services, it provides the products and services that satisfy the networking needs of SMBs and home users.

MitraStar Technology

specializes in R&D and OEM of network communication technologies and products. It provides value from the customers’ point of view by virtue of innovative design, and satisfy customers’ needs with excellent production management, logistic management, technical support and customer services. 






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