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The Unizyx Group consists of two subsidiaries: Zyxel for global telecom product markets and MitraStar for networking equipment development/DMS services, both have deeply set their roots in the industry and are trusted by customers worldwide.

Wielding reputable product quality and strong technical expertise, the Unizyx Group keeps updating its roadmaps and improving researching capability to keep the development momentum to not only lead the industry but also fulfill market needs with cutting-edge telecom products and services.

Zyxel brand focuses on specialized product and channel development as well as localized sales and support services on the global basis. The ability to plan products and solutions for specific channels while providing competitive training courses and marketing campaigns has also strengthened both satisfaction and loyalty of customers.

Zyxel's ability to integrate central office, CPE, network management, security and multimedia functions on products presents the latest solutions with superb quality and reliability for leading broadband Internet access applications.

On the other hand, MitraStar works with major international clients on DMS (Design Manufacturing and Service) to develop unique, fully customized solutions and platforms with superior functions and designs tailored for differentiated market segments. MitraStar’s responsive services and individualized training courses empower customers, suppliers and business partners to stay competitive in the digital trend with best-in-class networking products and services.

To the Unizyx Group, sincerity and dependability are the highest principle of corporate governance. We promise to maintain adequate transparency of operations and robustness of organization in order to become a world-class group with the most innovative networking products, with which we are able to maximize corporate value and shareholders’ benefits for even better competitive advantage and business sustainability.