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By way of defining and publicizing the environment and safety-related policies, Unizyx Group expresses its intention to take environment and safety issues into consideration in every aspect. It requires all employees to comply with the terms listed in the environment and HSF manual. Protecting the health of its employees and the environment is Unizyx Group's genuine commitment.

In addition to observing all government regulations and enforcing policies relevant to the environment, HSF and safety, Unizyx Group also works continuously on environmental and safety management on a daily basis. With certification of ISO 9001, TL 9000, ISO 14001, OHSAS18001 and Greenhouse Gas ISO14064 Verification, Unizyx Group systematically facilitates and integrates management processes for quality, environment and occupational safety following the PDCA Standards for a holistic and effective infrastructure of constant improvements.




Verification of Environment, Safety, Hygiene and Hazardous Material Management Systems

Unizyx Group subsidiaries have obtained the ISO14001 Environment Management System, OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Hygiene Management System Certification. In addition, Unizyx Group also elevates it's ability to compete on the global market.

ISO 14001 OHSAS18001


Safety and Hygiene Trainings for Employees and the Management

  • On-job safety- and hygiene-related training courses arranged for work floor employees and the management.
  • New recruits and transferred employees must receive mandatory safety and hygiene training courses.

Prevention of Occupational Disease

We regularly offer body status and health check-ups to employees, the results of which are collected in a physical condition database. Used as a reference for work progress, the database monitors employee's health and prevents occupational diseases from happening. In addition to normal body and health check-ups, we also provide special inspections on possible damage caused by lead contamination, radiation and noise.


Environment, Safety and Hygiene Risk Management

Unizyx Group keeps improving its production line equipment to conform to international ecology standards. In fact, the vision of Unizyx Group has evolved from an early regulation-savvy to green enterprise as a whole, as it is today.

In terms of the manufacturing processes, preventive measures, such as the safety design of machinery, operating procedures, training, automatic inspection, safety auditing, management of chemicals, environmental assessment, employee health check and management, protective gears and management of high-precision operations are taken on a daily basis to ensure a comfortable, safe and orry-free working environment for employees.


Risk Assessment and Emergency Responses

  • The Safety and Hygiene Appraisal, Assessment and Management Procedures and Emergency Response Procedures are annually
  • Local fire extinguishing, emergency reporting and personnel evacuation drills are performed every six months, while full-scale fire, earthquake and chemical leakage drills are performed annually.
  • Emergency response teams are formed for day and night shifts respectively. The teams are divided into functional groups such as Reporting, Fire Extinguishing, Evacuation Assistance, Safety Assurance and First Aid.