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Green Product


Green Marketing

Taking advantage of both online and storefront channels, Zyxel, the Unizyx subsidiary, is able to offer products through Web stores without warehouse or shelf, and to interact with real customers in both ways. This not only lowers marketing expense but also causes less environmental impact when comparing to physical channels.

Zyxel also strive to communicate the idea of "green" products with customers in a series of marketing activities and offerings by means of responsive after-sale services. The objective of such activities is to elevate customer awareness and willingness to consider green products, while the experience with green products is expected to promote more environment-friendly purchasing decisions and business practices.


Product Carbon Footprint

  • Carbon Footprint Mark


In order to facilitate the prevalence of green products and concepts, Unizux's subsidiary Zyxel Communications always ensures that all its products are marked clearly with international "Green" marks to stress its commitment to environment-aware marketing directions and policies.

With the international community placing a growing emphasis on disclosing carbon footprint information, we had already started a carbon emission calculation of our products, including each stage of a product's lifecycle from raw material, manufacturing, delivering, consumer usage, discarding, and then to recycling. The product carbon footprint discourse has been granted a carbon footprint label by Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) in Taiwan. And we are among the first group of Taiwan companies to achieve this distinction, and is also the first networking equipment maker to receive this honor.


  • Carbon Footprint Certificate

Unizux's subsidiary MitraStar Technology's three products – EPON CPE、GPON CPE and VDSL CPE – have received the carbon footprint certification.

In addition to providing customers with high-quality, reliable network equipment, MitraStar upholds the concept of sustainable developments and environment-friendly products.

To create a comprehensive, earth-friendly green product supply chain, MitraStar starts the "Green Supply Chain Carbon Cloud" plan in 2015 to provide the networking industry with common standards and evaluation tools with which supplier carbon footprint information can be systematically and automatically collected.

In the meantime, MitraStar also leads the industry to establish a low-carbon supply chain industry index for reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions generated by the supply chain; the company also rectifies its business development strategy for sustainable environmental-friendliness, energy-saving and carbon reduction, so the supply chain can implement and commit to the actions required for Paris COP21.


Green Product Award & Projects

  • 2015 World's First Carbon Footprint Verification on its EPON CPE Product,also receive GPON CPE and VDSL CPE carbon footprint certificate
  • 2011 MitraStar wins the "Taiwan Green Classics Award”
  • 2010 Among the First to be Granted a Carbon Footprint Label in Taiwan
  • 2010 World's First Carbon Footprint Verification on its VDSL2 CPE Product
  • 2010 Home Gateway PCR (Product Category Rule)
  • 2007 ADSL PCR (Product Category Rule) (World's first on networking industry、First in Taiwan)
  • 2006 Ministry of Economic Affairs: "Green Project"


Green Communities

Unizyx promotes green concepts without reservation. Inside the company, Unizyx insists on green design and demands its employees to participate in environment protection activities. As a multinational company and a responsible corporate citizen, Unizyx also works with the government, communities and the industry to spread the green idea to everyone.


  • Promote the Green Design

We design our products with the idea of decreasing power consumption to help customers to reduce energy cost and to enhance usability. The energy efficiency technologies are:

  • Detect Inactive Link
  • Wake on Demand
  • Detect Cable Length
  • Wireless Scheduling
  • Smart Fan
  • Intelligent Power over Ethernet, PoE


  • Green Knowledge for Employee

Encourage employee join internal environment protection activities, ex: office energy saving, batteries recycling

  • Participated in green events organized by the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park
  • Green activities sharing speech
  • Green column articles