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Unizyx reserves a high percentage of its revenue to invest on research and development. It not only for future Internet life of better quality, but also for fostering the potential talents and the community.


The Progressive Foundation of Education




Different from non-benefit organizations and foundations carrying corporate names for publicity, the Progressive Foundation of Education and Shun-I Chu and Zyxel Scholarship were founded privately by Dr. Shun-I Chu in 1999 for public benefits.

The objectives of Progressive Foundation of Education are public policy research, facilitation of community improvement and equal education opportunities. Based upon on the groundwork, the Foundation clearly defines its tasks and therefore the plans to sponsor the development of talented people.

In 1998, Dr. Shun-I Chu donated ten million NT Dollars to the Chiao Tung University to establish the Network and Telecommunication Development Fund, and he later donated five million shares of Unizyx stock (100 million NT Dollars of worth) in June 2011 to maximize the effectiveness of the Fund in facilitating research and education of telecom technologies as well as the knowledge exchange between the industry and institutions.

The Network and Telecommunication Development Fund is utilized mostly on academic seminars, telecom technology labs and scholarships. 



Shun-I Chu and Zyxel Scholarship




The Scholarship is offered to nearly 400 college and high school students with excellent grades or from disadvantageous families in the Hsinchu and Miaoli area.


Sponsorship to Tsing Hua University is Zyxel Auditorium



In 2003, Dr. Shun-I Chu sponsored the restoration of Tsing Hua University is ZyXEL Auditorium for the facility to become a multi-purpose space for performance and other cultural activities. Over 100 events such as lectures, chamber music, drama, dance, movie, society and art exhibitions take place in the auditorium every year, and they are open for the campus and the community to enjoy and participate.



Zyxel Fundation 



The ZYXEL Foundation continually aims to expand and deepen the spirit of “Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship” and “Practicing social welfare” upheld by Unizyx Holding Corporation, ZYXEL Communications, and MitraStar Technology.

The Foundation focuses on “cross-border innovation” and connecting the young generation with entrepreneurs, to expand their horizons and to inspire borderless, creative thinking for more groundbreaking achievements. We are also cultivating three major aspects -innovation, incubation, and environmental friendliness – to act as a beacon that moves our society forward in an entrepreneurial spirit.