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Dear friends and colleagues,

Today, all countries in the world are facing challenges from the global warming issue, as it becomes news headlines everywhere. To address this, solutions for reducing carbon footprints are brought forth by governments; and enterprises are obliged to participate. In order to stay competitive, enterprises seek to improve energy efficiency of products and services, while successful supply chain management that fulfills corporate social responsibility is also highly regarded by the electronics and telecom industries.

The strategies of Unizyx Group emphasize on both business sustainability and social responsibility, which include corporate governance, friendly company culture, environment-aware product design and marketing as well as community welfare. These efforts not only elevate Unizyx's significance as a whole in the community, but also root the idea of corporate social responsibility deeply into our core values and daily operations.

With cutting-edge broadband technology and all-aspect research/development capability on hand, the Unizyx Group offers more than comprehensive product ranges but also solutions tailor-made for individual customers. As environment awareness becomes a trend, we also launch "green" products with energy-saving features such as Wake on Demand, Wirless Scheduling and Intelligent Power over Ethernet for less energy consumption and greener operations. Many of these products have received "green certifications" from the government to signify the achievements.

In terms of carbon disclosure, the Environment Protection Administration (EPA) has recognized Unizyx's proactive carbon footprint verification and issued the "Carbon Footprint Label" to us – Taiwan's only qualified telecom manufacturer. In the mean time, we have also obtained the certification from British Standard Institution (BSI) as the world's first home VDSL2 equipment manufacturer.

In fact, these feats are only our first step to meet the global standard of carbon footprint disclosure and management; we will work even harder on reducing carbon emission during the manufacturing process of future products.

Unizyx is grateful to the acclaim from "Green Paradigm", "Top 12 Taiwanese Brands" and "Green Product" awards; these achievements will encourage us to move forward and give back to the society. The Unizyx group and Dr. Shun-I Chu/Zyxel Foundation commit to the welfare of Taiwan's communities and talented students, while the Unizyx employees spontaneously established the "Zyxel Community Service Association" to contribute their share. We are looking forward to seeing every colleague around the world to influence others in creating greener products and a greener economy, since we are all citizens of Mother Earth after all.


Unizyx CEO